Soccer Infinity will be rolled out in multiple phases as shown below.
The roadmap will be reviewed and refined over time according to scoping and development’s progress
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
  • Genesis Player NFTs Drop
  • Gamefi
    • NFT Marketplace
  • Game MVP Launch
    • Traning
    • Pve
  • Token Economy
    • Soccer Infinity Launch (Play-to-Earn)
  • Ecosystem Update
    • Gameplay Update
  • Exhibition Mode 5v5
    • Training update
    • PVP
  • Token Economy Update
    • Play-to-Earn economics optimization
  • Infrastructure Update
    • Scaling solution upgrade
    • Porting to mobile platforms
  • Gameplay Update
    • Leagues and Tournaments
    • Stadium Manager
  • Token Economy Update
    • Coccer ball Launch
    • Community Treasury
    • DAO and Staking
All information provided is our latest development documentation that can be made public at this stage and may be subjected to further changes. Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Please join our Telegram to let us know.
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