Cards Upgrade System

Players & stadiums card upgrade system: (Phase 2)

Hi managers,
As you know, to make the player and stadium cards stronger, the Managers can use the card upgrade feature of Soccer Infinity.
Because of the high thrill of each card upgrade phase, especially for high value player cards, card upgrades have been and are the most loved feature by managers.
Two identical Player or Stadium cards of the same level are eligible for the upgrade process
If the upgrade fails, the manager will lose one card. You can purchase a "upgrade stone" item that protects the card this will prevent the card from being destroyed when the upgrade fails

Players & stadiums cards upgrade rate

The higher the card level, the lower the success rate will be. This means that successfully upgrading a player & stadium at a high plus level, especially from +8 to +10, is a testament to the talent and bravery of the manager in building his dream team. The card upgrade rate is still a bit vague for the coaches. Therefore, we would like to announce the specific player and stadium upgrade rate as follows
We hope this upgrade rate will help managers experience the upgrade feature more easily and reasonably in the near future, and help managers get closer to their dream team goal.
What is the highest card level you have ever achieved? Try your hand with our card upgrade system !

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Players & stadiums card upgrade system: (Phase 2)
Players & stadiums cards upgrade rate